Badgett Business Centre

Case Study

Client: Badgett Business Centre

Location: 2501 Crossings Blvd, Bowling Green, KY 42104

Equipment: Eight digital directories, one interactive directory, and our captivate package

Solution: Digital overhaul intended to make navigating around their campus easier and more efficient.

Date: August, 2015

Badgett Business Centre, host to Hancock Bank and 30+ other businesses, recently received a digital overhaul with some exciting results! was tasked with providing digital directories, signage, and other way finding technology to make the building easier to navigate for customers, clients, and visitors. was determined to deploy a total solution for their 50,000 square foot campus to bring their facility into the digital age!

The Numbers


Occupancy within one month (20% Increase)


First Month External Advertising

The Solution

Digital Integration

Badgett Business Centre features eight stand alone digital directories that are fed from cloud oriented spreadsheets. Each directory can be updated anytime, anywhere, from any connected device. Each device is fed from a single Google Spreadsheet that allows the user to make changes as needed. This allows the directory systems to be completely dynamic, while also eliminating costly fees to update hard-copy directories.

Virtual Experience

Each device on campus features promotional panels that include current client logo-scrubs, upcoming events, and corporate communication content. These panels allow the client to offset the cost of print materials, promotional content, and memos. This is a virtual experience that unprecedented!


On campus, you can find a digital directory at every corner! Each directory contains tenant information, room numbers, and rest facility directions. This streamlines the process of navigating the daunting facility for newcomers, customers, and visitors.

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