Case Study

Client: Johnny Junxions Convenience Store

Venue: Johnny Junxions Convenience Store, Bedford, IN

Equipment: Two 46″ HD, 1920x1080p, LED Backlit Displays with EYECONIC Motion Package

Solution: Website Design with Digital Signage Integration

Date: August, 2012

Johnny Junxions, an award winning convenience store featured accross the nation, uses EYECONIC Digital Signage and Digital Menu systems to communicate with customers and increase profits on high margin items.

The Numbers


ROI In 70 Days


increase in net profit for hot food

Sample Content Reel

What They Are Saying

Steve Jones

“…The sales numbers are in and you are really going to like what you see… I know I did…”

Steve JonesOwnerJohnny Junxions Convenience Store

What We Did

Johnny Junxions is an award winning convenience store that has constantly pushed the envelope of their branding and store presence.  Boasting some of the highest single store revenues in the entire industry, finding new profits is not always easy.  Owner, Steve Jones, pulled in Eyeconic to get the job done.  After a thorough review of this amazing operation EYECONIC identified several key areas to address.  The in store chicken restaurant menu was static, boring, complicated and overwhelming to customers.  This lead to lost sales.  EYECONIC simplified the menu by analyzing what items Johnny Junxions was selling the most of and what products held the highest margins.  Those items where then integrated into a a highly stylish custom designed retro themed animated digital menu.  This resulted in new profits leading to a rapid return on investment.  Additionally, it was identified that there is a typical 2-minute wait for customers in line.  This created an excellent opportunity for EYECONIC to build a custom Point of Purchase digital sign to promote certain very high margin items like slushies and ice cream as well as connect with customers by featuring car show and other customer related events that drive store traffic.

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