Case Study

Client: Lazarex Cancer Foundation

Venue: Charity Fundraising Events

Service: Create media to showcase various cancer patients receiving assistance from Lazarex as well as Event Sponsors that made it possible.

Date: September, 2013

Lazarex, a non-profit cancer foundation, uses EYECONIC Digital Signage systems to communicate with donors and increase donations to help more cancer patients.

What We Did

Lazarex’s mission is to provide resources for cancer patients who’ve been told they have no other options, but who are not yet done with their journey in life and refuse to give up now.  In order for Lazarex to accomplish its mission it must convey a message that expresses the feelings and emotions of how donations can change the lives of these patients.  Eyeconic’s top designers were able to immerse themselves in to this feeling and create something very organic that turns a feeling and emotion into something visual.

Sample Content Reel

The Numbers


in 1 night

What They Are Saying

Karen Ambrogi

“I’m sure you are wondering how the event went. It was fantastic! From the staff point of view it was our best gala ever  – in terms of aesthetics, organization and flow throughout the evening.  We’ve been getting rave reviews from our attendees. The live auction and fund a need brought in ~ $90,000. We have other dollar revenues too but we won’t have our final numbers until next week.

Some of the feedback you’ll want to know is that the presentation went great! No glitches or operator error. It looked great, worked great. We were told several times by guests who have been attending our galas over the years that we have made an exponential leap in effectively communicating the message of what Lazarex is all about and how we change lives. So I bow to you for making that possible. You should pat yourselves on the back!”

Karen AmbrogiCommunications Manager

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