Non-profits have a special place in our hearts. In the last decade, all businesses have seen technological advancements from digital advertising and mobile applications to fully automated robotics making operations more efficient. However, in the same period of time no significant improvements have occurred within the non-profit industry that offer the same benefits. Available services, how to seek assistance, fund raising and donation opportunities, health & wellness, training, as well as communication directly to those in need are still being executed by means of bulletin boards, local intranets, human contact, or static signage.

EYECONIC.TV has leveraged its vast portfolio of technology (digital signage, interactive kiosks, texting programs, etc.) to focus on improving communication strategies of non-profits in the same way digital and mobile communications have boosted business sales. With no one new to hire and nothing new to learn, our digital expertise allows for captivating designs, intriguing content, powerful software and unwavering customer support as a total solution provider…with a price point perfect for a non-profit: FREE.

Because Eyeconic.TV cares, we encourage our employees to donate their time and talents along with our resources to help make the world a better place.  Take a look at the ways we’ve contributed: