Case Study

Client: Piinellas County School System

Location: Pinellas County School System, Pinellas County, Florida.

Equipment: 100’s of screens and media players for school lunch items, service announcements, and events.

Solution: Streamline the Pinellas County School system’s food service program with digital media and increase student’s abilities to choose healthy meal options.

Date: 2014 – 2015 School Year

“…At a time when so many school districts are struggling to have their food service programs break even, if you want to know how good a manager Art Dunham is, look no further than the fact that in 2012, Pinellas County Schools was admonished for having a food service fund balance that was too high.” -Art Dunham

The Numbers

8% Increase

In Student Participation

100% Increase

In Efficiency

Content Reel

What They are Saying

Art Dunham

“The food, photography and focus of their animation keeps students engaged in making healthy menu selections during each meal period. It is a win for students, a win for the school administration, and most importantly a win for our food service program. Our participation has never been better.”

Art DunhamPinellas County Schools

The Solution

Digital Integration

Pinellas County School system was eager to leap into the digital age by replacing all hand written and printed signs listing their daily lunch options. Bringing customized day parted digital signage into the school system allowed lunch specials to be scheduled months in advance, allowing staff members to streamline the process and spend their time on more pressing matters.

Virtual Experience

Each device on campus features weather widgets, promotional panels, news-feeds, and a main content panel that includes the days current lunch options with their respective nutrition facts.

Student Engagement

One of the main goals for the school system was increasing student participation and engagement. Pinellas County Schools felt that beautiful animations, photography, and animated content would help students make healthier decisions during each lunch session. They were right!


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