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We approached kiosks from a very different perspective.  Rather than say “What would people in my location want to interact with while here”, we asked the question “What about my brand do I want on showcase AND allow the customers the ability to walk out with it”  So, we built the very first kiosk platform that allows you to build it once and deploy it anywhere!  It can be put on full size kiosks, tablet kiosks and even a mobile phone.  Just imagine no more lines at kiosks.  Your brand, in their pocket, always.  The best part is there are no apps to download!

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Kiosks are about user engagement with your brand and the information that you want them to have.  With technology traveling at the speed of light it is often times challenging for executive decision makers to make sense of it all.  We believe that a great partnership is helping you make sense of all of the technology and understanding your needs, developing a solution to meet it and then deploying that solution flawlessly.  This is done through educating these decision makers.  A great partnership is built by explaining how it works in a way that is simple to understand.  With that in mind we have found several way to several ways to breakdown a kiosk deployment and here are a few.

In an information and computer age this aspect of sales and marketing is rapidly surpassing the importance of the actual sales representative.  In this age most people would rather interact with technology than with a person.  With that in mind we must look at our new electronic devices as the front line of our company.  We have to think about what was most important to us about our people and those are the things that should be most important to us in our devices.


Eyeconic is giving these devices a whole new meaning. Helping businesses provide up to date marketing and sales tools to sales people, helping to present to potential customers in the absence of sales people, helping to facilitate transactions of products that are not available in the store (saving valuable retail space), and many other amazing possibilities.  We custom develop your solution with your needs in mind.


Stylish & functional kiosks with a simple interface allow customers to engage with your business in ways never before.  We take everything to the next level by using a responsive HTML5 framework design that can be taken anywhere on the go. Scan a simple QR code and your kiosk is able to be deployed on their mobile phone giving them access to everything as if they were in your store.

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  • Operational Functionality

    Functions properly daily without human dependence for operation.  This would be the same as a person showing up every day and being on-time to work.  There is no chance of the kiosk being successful if is not on and running every day.  Nothing is more important than this.  This is achieved with a complex blend of hardware, software, networking, and experience to know the unexpected when it occurs.

  • User Engagement

    Media design and analytics tracking for continual adjustment is crucial.   This would be the equivalent to the sales person being trained and skilled in the presentation if the brand and product knowledge.  They must adapt to what people needs are and change their presentation accordingly.  The layout and design of the media on the screen plays the largest role just the same as the layout and design of a website controls the experience of a user once you arrive at the home page.

  • Look and Feel

    Physical structure and touch screen media matching brand aesthetics.   If your sales person is not approachable they have no opportunity to present to customers.  The same is true for your kiosk. The cabinetry design is only one portion of this.  Another very important component of this is the feel.  Most companies make the mistake of using standard acoustic wave monitor systems since they are readily available.  These touchscreens don’t feel as nice to the touch as the iPads and smartphones that users have grown to love.  More advanced techniques and technologies provide a sense of touch that users have grown to love and are familiar with engaging them longer.

  • Responsive Design

    Responsive design, means that the kiosk that can be deployed on multiple platforms and automatically fits itself to different devices without having to have multiple versions of the same files. It just works…

  • HTML5 Design

    Users can take it anywhere. By scanning a simple QR code on their phone, they now have access to your kiosk on their mobile device. Your kiosk can always be accessed on the GO.

  • User Engagement & Private Sales Team

    Engage your customers like never before. Bring out an unparalleled sales team that is always on the floor. Sell items with your users never having to wait in line at the cash register by offering items you don’t have in your store shipped right to their front door.


  • Cabinet

    Typically the first component that people new to kiosks focus on but one of the least important part functionally.  This part just needs to carry brand imaging and be future proof (to be discussed in Life Cycle).

  • Touchscreen

    The second part most individuals focus on and also a less important part.  What is most important about touchscreens are their ability to endure the elements that they are being placed into as a public terminal, the challenge or lack thereof to support their calibrating (acoustic technologies require constant calibrating and infrared require none), and the feel to the touch that keep users engaged.

  • Hardware

    Must be advanced project specific gear.  Use of the most advanced processors, and other components ensure longevity of life and prepare the system for more advanced features that usually are installed post deployment.  Solid-state components help prevent failure due to improper shutdowns.  Hardware must be designed with moving of kiosk and severe heat conditions in mind.  This is the brains and must be well thought out.Other functional attachments include a Trackball, USB Port, Touch Screen, Card Reader, Webcam, Printer, Keyboard, and other USB compliant devices.

  • Site Software

    The software component installed on the computer in the kiosk plays a vital role.  The ability to divide the screen in to multiple sections for different functional and promotional areas as well as the ability to have the entire media buffer and download to the machine is advanced features that allow for flawless operation during intermittent internet connections and in the future.  The ability to run and open any file types as well as run outside programs seamlessly through it is necessary for guaranteed future proof operations.

  • Networking/Maintenance Infrastructure

    This is the backend of the entire network that allows monitoring the daily functioning of the machines such as wake and sleep time, the health of the kiosks, the internet connectivity at the locations. This part needs to be advanced enough to detect issues before they occur such as memory leaks in computers and reset the machines when necessary.  Being able to control the machines remotely for some maintenance procedures is necessary when looking at a Global Deployment

  • Media Design & Programming

    The graphics layout and subsequent programming in the appropriate language is need to deliver the experience you want to the end customer.  This must be a well thought out and flexible design to change as your brand evolves.

  • Engagement & Analytics

    Knowing what people are touching and adjusting to this engagement is one of the most important functions that is continuously overlooked.  Understanding what your customers want and responding to those desires drives profits higher faster with real data rather than feelings and emotions

  • On-going Support

    Like anything else in life it doesn’t just keep running all by itself.  Good support teams fix issues as they arise.  Great and experienced support teams know how to predict what will occur and develop safeguards to keep things running without interruption.  Or support system allows us to support terminals in most maintenance operations while they are still running and functioning.

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