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You’ve seen them popping up everywhere! They grab your attention and change your mind on food choices in mid-stream. Quick Service Restaurants, Cafes, Buffet Steak Houses, even Fine Dining… just about everywhere. Why are they taking hold? Because they work. It’s just that simple.


The only thing that matters in technologies that it does the job it sets out to do.  Here are a few numbers that may grab your attention.

A National Restaurant Association study of Digital Menus revealed:

  • 49.1% Lowered Costs on Menu Changes
  • 47.2% Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • 37.1% Increased Sales of Promotional Items
  • 37.7% Improved Operational Efficiency
  • 18.9% Increased Sales of High Margin Items
  • 42.3% Recouped Their Investment Within 1 Year.
  • 89.5% Recouped Their Investment Within 2 Years.
  • 100% of Restaurants Saw a Sales Lift.


Digital menus allow you to take control of your customers’ experience in a way that back-lit panels never could. Our integrated, modular digital signage system gives you unparalleled ability & flexibility to promote your menu items to each and every customer.

  • Update items and prices anytime. It’s as simple as sending an email.
  • No-touch power system. Our menus turn on and off with store hours.
  • Automatic menu scheduling. Instantly change from breakfast to lunch, & rotate specials at a scheduled time of your choosing.
  • Total flexibility. Between menu division and placement options, the layout possibilities are virtually endless.
  • Keep your Digital Menu Board up to date and backed by our dedicated support team with the Eyeconic Plan.
  • Our modular system allows you to seamlessly expand your menu as your business grows.
  • We don’t push templates on you. We match your branding.

No two situations are alike. Our set of features allows you to free up your attention by turning the production over to us, or to take control for yourself with the help of our informative guides. We can be as hands-on or hands-off as you need us to be throughout the process.

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