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It’s like having your own TV station to advertise to your customers and do things you never believed were possible.

Digital Signage are used by EVERYONE.  Check out a list of some of the industries that we service by visiting our Industries Page. They are primarily used to communicate sales, promotions, and help up-sell customers on the establishments various products and services. They act as a modern day sales person. Consumers don’t mind watching a screen to learn about new products and promotions and in fact most find it quite enjoyable. They also serve to increase marketing compliance for many organizations such as banks and reduce printing costs.

These signs are not a TV or picture slide show. They are something far more unique that. At EYECONIC you will hear us refer to them as Social Television most frequently. This newer form of media is a remote controlled distribution of media across a network of displays. It is most often found in high traffic areas with larger dwell times. You commonly see them at public venues or at point-of-purchase.  Our Digital Signage System can play most any file type and even do really cool things like integrate with live TV or live updates from your Facebook wall.  If you can dream it, our talented staff of developers and designers can do it.


Industry proven results with ROI you wouldn’t believe.

The only thing that matters in technology is that it does the job it sets out to do. Here are a few numbers that may grab your attention.

An Arbitron study surveyed 1,400 shoppers.

81% of shoppers remember the content.

40% of shoppers more likely to purchase.

up to 700% sales lift on new item intros.

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How Does it Work?

Screen Divisions

Your screen can be divided any way you like. We can have as few or as many layers as necessary to produce the designs you are looking for and ENGAGE your customers.

A Few Common Zones Include:

  • Primary Content

    Can contain videos, product and service promotions, live TV, and still images.

  • Side Bar/Widgets

    Weather widgets, information updates, news.

  • Branding and Logo

    Keep your brand out front

  • Tickers

    News RSS Feeds, Social Network Integration, Weather Feeds, Stocks, Sports Scores & News

  • Backgrounds

    Add the visual appeal to tie it together.

  • Cosmetic Overlay

    Pull the full aesthetics of your environment in to your new sign.

Content Examples

Deciding what runs on your network is the most crucial of all decisions. The development of this content must be well thought out and strategically place.  The content options are nearly endless. When considering the wealth of choices, we help you select the most relevant & effective content to meet the goals you have in mind.

Some Common Examples Include:

  • Promotions

    Information on Sales, new products, customer referral programs, instant discounts. This is information is usually found in your establishment posted on walls, on brochure racks and counters.

  • Product Media

    Professional video content from brands that you carry. We have access to most all major brand media from various projects we have developed.

  • Entertainment Content

    Time Lapse, Nature, Quizzes, Puzzles, Bloopers, YouTube and Vimeo, Art, Jokes, etc.

  • Local Content

    Upcoming events in our area, Items for sale, restaurant reviews, jobs available, etc.

Scheduling Media

The Right Media at the Right Time

A schedule is useful when you wish to have different media play at different times. We develop a campaign for each part of the day and then add them to the scheduler. This is very useful in restaurants with digital menus so the menu can day-part and automatically go form breakfast to lunch without any user input. Another useful function is to pre-program sales and promotions so that they automatically play during certain times of the day.

Got questions?

For a FREE quote, to find a dealer near you, or if you have any questions about our products or services, contact us for more information!