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EYECONIC Digital Screen Technologies are just simply amazing. From the beautiful design to the simplicity for our clients…it just works. But behind the face of a clock are a lot of little gears that work together to make the hands move. The same can be said for the team across the globe at EYECONIC. WE design, install and maintain 100% MANAGED DIGITAL NETWORKS for our clients. We control all aspects of the process from beginning to end and do it less expensively than any one. Our EYECONIC PLAN allows you and your business to request revision and design changes, all for a low monthly flat rate!

Our unique hardware, software and design ecosystem adapts seamlessly to your brand and works every time by design. It is a Total Solution. So sit back and relax, we have taken care of.

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The only thing that matters is that it does the job it sets out to do. Here are a few numbers that may grab your attention and prove the effectiveness of digital signage.

An Arbitron study surveyed 1,400 shoppers about Digital Signage.

  • 81% of shoppers remember the content.
  • 40% of shoppers more likely to purchase.
  • up to 700% sales lift on new item intros.

A National Restaurant Association study of Digital Menus revealed:

  • 49.1% Lowered Costs on Menu Changes
  • 47.2% Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • 37.1% Increased Sales of Promotional Items
  • 37.7% Improved Operational Efficiency
  • 18.9% Increased Sales of High Margin Items
  • 42.3% Recouped Their Investment Within 1 Year.
  • 89.5% Recouped Their Investment Within 2 Years.
  • 100% of Restaurants Saw a Sales Lift.


In theory Digital Screen Technologies are very simplistic. They are comprised of just a few components.

To display the images and videos.

To maintain the files and allow us connection to the screen.

To change design, schedules and content with the push of a button.

To stay connected, update and monitor your system from anywhere in the world!


Getting media from a creative studio, tablet, smartphone or any other device to a screen somewhere else in the world seamlessly day in and day out requires a robust system.

Layout what you want your signage to do and look like and we turn that vision into reality!

Your content is transferred to your signage player, while updates are preloaded and implemented in real-time.

Our hands-off signage plays your content with media & power scheduling, keeping it running smoothly.

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For a FREE quote, to find a dealer near you, or if you have any questions about our products or services, contact us for more information!