Making It Easy

Don’t have a huge IT department to run a complete Digital Signage Network? No problem. We perform professional Network Operations Management for many clients and even for Digital Signage Advertising agencies. We can assist you in the planning, development, and on-going monitoring and maintenance of your network to ensure you stay up and running. Do you have a growing network of digital signs and have reached that critical point where it is becoming harder and harder to manage. Need a little help out from the pros.

Running Smoothly

  • Real-time status updates of player health and functionality to maintain smooth operation
  • Regular and as needed maintenance operations remotely. This includes the updating of all network and signage software to include the most recent updates and upgrades.
  • Automatic scheduled shutoff and turn on of signage system for a hand-free operation, energy/cost savings, and improved hardware lifespan.
  • Scalable to any size network of screens.

Content Management

Content distribution is serious business. You have content that you need to push down to different players in different places based on different things.  This content could be Geographical needing to be deployed Globally, Nationally  Regionally, District level and even local channeling. What if you have screens in the same area in different types of settings such as customer demographics, brand of store,  or size of venue.  No matter how you would like to dissect your network we have you covered. Get the right information to the right screen at the right time and experience seamless updates without player interruptions.

It Just Runs!

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