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No two large enterprises have exactly the same needs. You need a team that you can depend on, a team that has great ideas that can make your network better, a team that delivers results without excuses… you need EYECONIC.  With deployments Globally for some of the biggest names in business we understand where you are coming from.

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  • Opportunities Everywhere

    There are dozens of uses for Digital Signage, Digital Menus, Digital Kiosks and Digital Communications. If you look around you will find lost sales, brand inconsistencies, high printing costs. Sum it all up and it results in lost profits. Here is a few of the most common problems and opportunities that Eyeconic addresses.

  • Marketing Compliance

    Brand consistency is a huge deal. You spend millions of dollars developing an image and want to be sure that is is properly represented everywhere. Have you ever walked into a branch and seen; a poster with the old logo, a sale that is out of date, your new marketing promotion still in the tube from the printers leaned up against a desk. We can bring you up to 100% compliance across the entire enterprise with the click of a button with our Network Operations Management and Creative Design Services.

  • Staff Training & Updates

    Getting everyone together is tough. Letting everyone stay where they are and look up at a screen is easy. Our systems enable you to shift all your screens from the standard media to a webcam, presentation or any other training media that you want. Getting the right information in your staff’s hands can make all the difference.

  • Customer Engagement

    The world is filling up with Generation X and Generation Y. Are you ready for it?  Our solutions, especially our interactive kiosks solutions, can engage this new generation in the way they like the most. These generations require amazing Creative Design and would typically prefer to engage with a Digital Screen Technology before they would an individual. Why not give them what they want and watch those sales grow.

  • Scalable

    Our system is capable of supporting unlimited numbers of screens and campaigns that can be launched globally. Through our various campaign development tools we are capable of having, local, district, regional, national, and global channel information instantly feed to the appropriate screens, menus or kiosks. Each node can be characterized based on other grouping characteristics such as demographics, brand, market size, etc. To learn more about or capabilities in helping you build your network check out our Network Operations rundown.

For a FREE quote, to find a dealer near you, or if you have any questions about our products or services, contact us for more information!