Convenience Store Industry


Every convenience store has them. Static signs lining the walls and windows going unnoticed by customers walking through the door. They might as well be wall paper. What if you could have a sign up that actually got noticed? That is what EYECONIC.TV can offer you. Imagine a sign that looks so appealing that it gets noticed by customers across the store. Not only notice it, but pay attention to the products that it is showcasing. Imagine no more, and contact us today to start the process of obtaining a beautifully designed digital signage system from EYECONIC.TV!

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Digital signage has proven time after time to affect customer’s buying habits.  We can offer you the ability to have essentially your very own TV channel that will showcase your high margin items in your convenience store.  Have a higher profit margin on your fountain drinks?  Let us design an ad that will look so refreshing the customers will flock to the fountain drink area in your convenience store. Offering a new pizza roll that most customers are unaware of?  We will produce media that will not only inform them about it but will make their mouths water for it.

Digital signage has come a long way in a very short amount of time.  Most convenience store owners and managers are intimidated by all of the knowledge they required to get a digital sign up and running.  Not only running, but appealing enough to affect customer’s buying habits with strategic marketing and beautifully designed advertisements.  At EYECONIC.TV we have developed a system that takes all the worries out of the equation.  We do it all with our total solution!  We handle and maintain the system, design the media, and address any problems that may arise with ongoing support.  All you need to do is let us know what you are wanting promoted on your screen.  We make it extremely easy and that is why we say, “What you desire, nothing new to learn and no one new to hire!”


We have the ability to change what is displayed on your channel at different times of the day using our day-parting and scheduling system. You can easily showcase coffee and biscuits in the morning then pizza and beer at night without lifting a finger. All we need is your schedule of items and off we go!


If you would like to increase the advertised price of an item on the screen, simply submit a request and the change is made.  Most promos change weekly, and with one of our systems, you will not have to order new print signs or spent time on a do-it-yourself system. Simply let us know ahead of time and POOF! Your promo is replaced with the updated version in an instant.

Common Digital Signage Content

  • Food/Drink Menu

    Replace boring static menus with live and engaging dynamic works of art. Entice your customers with luscious photo and animations of your delectable delights. Making it easier to see and understand.

  • Promotional Offers

    Display information regarding any promotional offers your store has to offer such as limited time offers, combo meals, special discounts, holiday items, etc…

  • Event Information

    Display important information about upcoming events at your store or special dates and times in a fun and attractive manner.

  • Rewards Program Information

    Display information regarding your customer rewards programs or loyalty discounts. Keep them coming back for more!

  • Weather and News

    Keep your customers informed with up to date weather and news information. Display current conditions as well as forecast information for you local area or anywhere for that matter. Display a news or sports feed, video (MRSS) or text (RSS), from various providers and stay on the top of your favorite topics all of the time.


So what are you waiting for? Don’t let your customers slip out the door without that additional item or essential consumer knowledge. Don’t let your competitors appear up-to-date before you.  Contact us today and get the ball rolling on your EYECONIC.TV system today!

For a FREE quote, to find a dealer near you, or if you have any questions about our products or services, contact us for more information!

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