Direct Sales & Network Marketing


EYECONIC provides a perfect solution for events, salons, boutiques, wedding planning offices or anywhere you can imagine placing a television! Reach customers without being present or having any product on display. Personalize the experience with your own information, customized digital animated content, and stunning imagery.


The following content is included with your Direct Sales Digital Sign Package:

Personalized Contact Info*

Personalized Logo Scrub*

Personalized Social Media Scrub*

Customize One Line of Text at the Bottom of the Screen

Sales/Promotions/Prices for your Market

Monthly Update Covers ALL Company Changes (Requires Wifi)

New Content ADDED MONTHLY to choose from!

Locked in Monthly Pricing of $20 or One Annual Subscription Payment of $200

If you cancel** and re-subscribe your new subscription will be at the current rate

Technical Support for Questions or Help

12 Month Warranty on Media Player Device

Cost(s) are a tax deductible business expense

*No transfers to other presenters will be permitted. Name changes will only be accepted if the presenter’s legal name changes. Website and all other contact info must link to the same presenter.

**If your subscription is canceled or expires the hardware is yours to keep but the media will be removed. You may return the hardware in exchange for a downloadable read-only file with zero sales or promotion info.


In-Booth Digital Signage


Digital Signage Up Close


Frequently Asked Questions

What am I buying?

It’s signage that plays on a program inside a computer that looks like a big flashdrive called a media player.

How do I use the technology?

The media player plugs into any available HDMI port on a 1080p TV of your choice and is powered by an AC Adapter in the wall or via USB Cable (not included) to TV USB adapter.

Do I need internet access?

The media player does not need internet access or WiFi to play. It only needs WiFi (which it connects to just like a cell phone does) to update the content on the signage when a monthly update is available. Alternatively you can use the USB to ethernet adapter to run a network cable to the device if you do not have WiFi.

Does it update with new promotions?

Every month your kudos will change, newarkets, presenters kit changes, new products /prices, etc will always be current. Your signage will
always reflect the current website /catalog info. **Wifi Required for all Updates

What information is displayed?

Each sign will be personalized to the presenter that owns it with your name, phone number, website and social media links.

How much does it cost?

There is a one time fee of $199 to personalize it and pay for the media player we send you. After that, it’s $20 a month to keep the content updated.

Can I do more with it?

There are options available to further personalize the content, like using your own videos and pics or we can create “commercials” for you.

Pricing & Equipment

  • Initial Setup Fee
    This includes the hardware with easy to use instructions for getting started out of the box. (WiFi is not required to play the media. However you will need to provide Internet/WiFi to update your media every month) An available HDMI Port Required on the TV of your choice.


  • Monthly Subscription
    Your monthly subscription covers updates and company changes with kudos, promotions, prices for your market. These updates will require a WiFi/Internet Connection to process and complete for the duration of the update download.

Optional Accessories, Addons, & Services

  • Accessory: Ethernet Adapter
    (Optional) if you do not have a WiFi connection or prefer to use a wired ethernet connection you can purchase a USB to Ethernet adapter for use with your device. This can also avoid the hassle of having to enter your wifi passphrase and save time during the setup process.
  • Addon: Media Scrubs (Personal Use)
    Separate file of logo & social media scrubs for your own personal use
  • Addon: Right Column Panel 2 Image
    Add additional image to the right column in panel 2
  • Addon: Bottom Text Additional Lines
    Add additional line of text to the bottom of the screen (Max 5 words or 1 web URL)
  • Addon: Text Branding
    Replace the text at the top line of the screen (Max 5 words or 1 website)
  • Addon: Main Panel Image Content
    Add an image to the main content panel on the digital sign (1280 x 720 pixel resolution)
  • Addon: EYECONIC Logo Rebranding
    White label or replace the EYECONIC.TV Logo at the bottom left of the screen with a custom logo or image.
  • Addon: Additional Main Panel Video Content
    Supply your own video to add to the main panel of the Digital Signage content
  • Design: Create Additional Logo or Text Scrubs
    Have EYECONIC.TV design and create your own custom additional logo or text scrubs for your Digital Signage
    Media File Acquisition and Rights to Content: +$50
  • Design: Create Custom Commericial
    Have EYECONIC.TV design and create your very own custom advert/commercial with your very own pictures and text for the Digital Signage
    Media File Acquisition and Rights to Content: +$100
  • Additional Media Player(s)
    Add an additional media player(s) with identical content for $149 and $10/month or $100 annually.
  • Design: Additional Personalization Options
    Additional personalization options are available for the Digital Signage and Digital Content. Please call or contact EYECONIC.TV for more information.

Contact Us with any product inquiries or sales questions to Get Started with EYECONIC Today!