Using EYECONIC in education not only provides you a way to inform, but interact with you student body. EYECONIC empowers you to do things never thought possible with static billboard signage. Information queries, online store ordering, refilling meal dollars on the spot, bookstore pre-orders, register for classes, and the list goes on and on. Again, the possibilities are endless, but don’t let that scare you, because we’ve got it covered. At EYECONIC we handle everything for you.


Making changes has never been easier. Any authorized personnel can simply visit the website on their mobile device and submit a change from anywhere, anytime. As always, all of your systems are managed remotely by our team of technicians so you can worry about your day to day operations without any extra load on your back. And as always nothing new to learn, and no one new to hire with EYECONIC digital signage solutions.


Our machines are easy to use with nothing new to learn and no one new to hire. We take care of all of the hardware and work with your designers to ensure that our work is synonymous with your brand identity, blending seamlessly with the environment and effectively attracting your target audience. Our directories are easily and instantly updatable via an online spreadsheet integrated with google drive. We design, install, integrate, and acquire all of the resources and media necessary to deploy the system with our total solution so you never have to worry.

Common Education Sigange/Kiosk Content

  • Student or Faculty Achievements

    Congratulate students, faculty and staff for their outstanding achievements or certifications in a public place for all to see.

  • Upcoming School Events & Holiday Breaks

    Notify students of upcoming events, special speakers, holiday breaks, etc.

  • Interactive Digital Directories

    Create a simple digital directory to assist in navigation through large buildings or offices. These directories can be updated via Google Drive Spreadsheets from any computer.

  • Campus Maps & Layouts for Wayfinding

    Use campus maps or create an interactive wayfinding kiosk to help students and visitors navigate through your campus. These can be scanned with any smartphone via QR code and accessed on mobile devices.

  • Dining Options & Lunch Specials

    Post dining menus for campus eateries or promote specific lunch specials with promotional media.

  • Visitor Check-In Procedures

    Display visitor check-in procedures to help your guests when they arrive.

  • Faculty & Staff Messages or Bulletins

    Do you need to inform your students, faculty and staff? Place these in an office area to post bulletins or messages that need to be seen on a regular basis.

  • Register For Classes

    With interactive kiosks we can help students register for classes on the spot.

  • Online Store Ordering

    Online ordering can also be enabled with the interactive kiosk. Students can order things directly off of your website with a credit card or PayPal account.

  • Refill Meal Dollars on the Spot

    Sometimes you forget to refill your meal dollars. Students can instantly access their account and add meal dollars to their plan on the spot.

  • Online Bookstore Pre-Ordering

    Pre-Order books from your campus online bookstore with the interactive kiosk.

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