K-12 Cafeteria Digital Menu Boards


In today’s world, K-12 students are surrounded by digital imagery in almost every aspect of their lives. Capturing and holding their attention has become increasingly more challenging. Now there is a solution, by partnering with Eyeconic through our visually captivating School Digital Menu Program. Not only will students move through the lunch line in an efficient manner, we have also created a perfect opportunity to educate and inform.

The Eyeconic Digital Menu Board Program displays your daily menu, related nutritional information, upcoming events, and weather forecasts. The Good News: Your input drives the design of your Digital Menu Program. The Better News: Eyeconic Digital Menu Program is fully managed by Eyeconic!

The K-12 school cafeteria line needs to be more than just a place to stare blankly at a wall. It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate how current technology along with compelling design and imagery can engage your students and faculty like never before. School Digital Menus can deliver on that promise. Eyeconic’s sleek, visually-captivating digital menu is the solution that turns unwanted waiting time into valued learning time.

Imagine students and faculty actively engaged with your content and data, which will help them make informed decisions. So much more than just a “television on the wall,” Eyeconic Digital Signage displays the menu listings, nutritional information, as well as upcoming event schedules (or other custom features) that your students and faculty need to know. It’s an informative and entertaining experience that drives the perception of a shorter wait.

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Printed materials can only do so much and often end up buried in a backpack or in a desk drawer. By partnering with Eyeconic, you are provided a platform to actively engage students with attention grabbing content, to educate them about a healthy lifestyle and we make it easy for you to stay USDA compliant. Eyeconic media includes videos, images and nutritional data that allow you the flexibility to tailor the message to fit your school’s specific needs.