Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Industry


Quick service restaurant (QSR) environments have much evolved over the past several years integrating new technologies into their customer experience. Digital menus have opened a new gateway into interaction with the modern day consumer. More and more restaurants are replacing their old static menus with this new technology allowing them to do things never before seen possible.


Not only are these digital signage systems more cost effective than static signage they have more to offer with enhanced functionality and increased power, taking their business to the next level. EYECONIC’s Total Solutions give you full control over the experience as a whole providing everything from the hard technologies to the digital content creation. Businesses are able to leverage these menu systems to provoke customers with powerful animated promotional media that is constantly dynamic, informing viewers of new offers and enticing them with beautifully designed digital content.

Day-Parting & Control

These proven technologies are constantly improving with capabilities like day-parting and scheduling which allows the content to change based upon the time of day. This gives you the power to offer different prices, promotions, and menu items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Showcasing higher margin items allow you to increase profits by persuading customers to purchase more of the items you want them to buy when you want them to buy it.

Changes from Anywhere

Making changes has never been easier. Any authorized personnel can simply visit the website on their mobile device and submit a change from anywhere, anytime. As always, all of your systems are managed remotely by our team of technicians so you can worry about your day to day operations without any extra load on your back. And as always nothing new to learn, and no one new to hire with EYECONIC digital signage solutions.

Seamless Integration & Custom Design

Not only will the menu’s be full of functionality on an ever-changing dynamic scale, they will be attractive using proven techniques to influence the customers at point of purchase with a heavy Return on Investment (ROI). The design of the content is based directly on your brand identity, integrating seamlessly into the existing environment and maintaining the brand that your customers will trust. Our professional design staff is always on-call and ready to design for you any new advertisements or promotions you wish to offer.

Common Digital Signage/Menu Content

  • Digital Menu Board Systems

    Create digital menu systems that are able to change on the fly without the cost of printing paper. Remove items when they are out of stock. Dynamically promote certain menu items with full-color animated images to get their mouths watering and taste buds tingling.

  • Promotional Items & Offers

    Easily display information regarding any promotional offers your store has to offer such as limited time offers, combo meals, special discounts, holiday items, etc…

  • Rewards Program Information

    Display information regarding your customer rewards programs or loyalty discounts. Keep them coming back for more!

  • Promote High Margin Items

    Promoting high margin items directly influences the buyers decision at the point of purchase. Become a part of that decision to become more profitable by focusing on what helps to make you more money.

  • Food Information

    Display important food information, health facts, and more. Keep your customers up to date with nutritional information for the healthy at heart.

  • Tasty Dessert Items

    Make sure your customers come back for dessert with irresistible motion picture animations of their favorite desserts and treats.

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