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The line for your bank tellers is more than just a place to stare blankly at a television or a wall. The lack of attention on the part of your clients is doing your institution no good. Eyeconic offers a solution to this age-old issue with a sleek digital display, turning unwanted waiting time into valued learning time.

Imagine bank customers actively engaged with your offerings, even while your staff is trying to catch up to their queue. More than just a television on the wall, Eyeconic Digital Signage spreads the financial advice and news that the public needs to know, all while providing entertainment and the perception of a shorter wait.

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Printed materials such as take-ones & brochures can only do so much. Space constraints, cost, & a lack of visual prominence hinder their abilities to promote much attention, and in turn, action on the part of your customers. Capture this lost attention and opportunity by actively engaging your customers with attention-grabbing content that promotes further use of your services. This media can include videos, images, headlines, and much more. As you know the needs of your pool of clientele, Eyeconic gives you the flexibility to tailor the message to fit your institution. If your banking customers would benefit from news of a new refinancing option or even general information about issues such as identity theft that you may not be able to mention with every visit, then Eyeconic digital signage can provide concrete benefits for your institution and its clientele.

Commonly valued information for bank customers includes:

  • Frequently asked questions & answers, saving your tellers time to get your lines moving.
  • Detailed information on programs such as retirement savings, increasing enrollment rates.
  • Affiliated program information, increasing referrals to your partnered firms.
  • Generalized financial advice, prompting an increase in savings going to your institution.
  • Your banking institutions biography & awards, generating increased customer confidence.
  • Entertainment content, decreasing perceived wait times & lifting experience perceptions.
  • Financial news, keeping clients informed about the goings-on of the wider financial world.


Here are just a few examples of how Eyeconic digital signage will focus with laser precision on your financial institution’s specialties. This keeps the content displayed as relevant & valuable to your clients as possible. Examples out of our vast array of specialty networks & content areas include, but are not  limited to :


    Generalized for the diverse array of checking account clients and their common questions & concerns.

    new check orders | account tiers | online banking | ATM locations | bank policy | direct deposit | transfer options | FDIC policies | overdraft info | debit card info


    Customized to highlight the issues & concerns common to lending customers, be it for personal, business, or mortgage clients.

    refinancing options | application info | statement terms | payment info | interest rates | loan options | insurance needs | Pre Approval | credit score info | prepayment terms


    From the concerns of early investors to clients nearing retirement,  this program focuses  on issues that concern clients at all stages of their investment lives.

    financial planning | investment risks | portfolio details | general advantages | investment basics | rates of return | account types | investment terms | regulations info

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