EYECONIC | Our Philosophy



Technology has improved and evolved rapidly for the past few decades. What we have all learned that is if it is effective it dramatically improves our lives. If it is too confusing or too complex for the end user it will create high costs and eventually result in failure. The best technologies ever were the best because they were the easiest for the end user and offered the highest value proposition. That is exactly what we do at EYECONIC. We let you continue to run your business and we handle your Digital Screen Technology.


You shouldn’t have to worry about installing, turning things on, shutting things off, fixing things, making design changes.

So we took your problems away and made them our business. We made it so you have a worry free system that doesn’t require you to turn it off and on, design anything, or even touch a computer to have your very own custom designed television network that is branded to your company and promoting the things that are important to you.

We track the Creative Design effectiveness of things like:

  • Fonts

    The number of fonts available are virtually unlimited.  Knowing what fonts people can read, what fonts match your brand, and what fonts go together are as much a science as an art form.  Consider us both artisans and scientists of fonts.

  • Colors

    There is a lot to consider when looking at colors.  How much to use of each color?  Are the colors perfectly suited for one another?  Do they contrast enough to “pop” and gain the attention you are looking for. Our expertise and tool sets take the guess work out of colors.

  • Images

    Have you ever heard the saying “garbage in…garbage out”.  Bad images make bad digital media.  The right image can evoke an emotion that creates a deep bond with your products or services.  Whether we are cleaning up images you provide by getting those color curves just perfect, or we are diving into or huge stock library, we make sure we use the right images in the right places.

  • Placement

    Location, location, location.  Where should the screen go to best impact people at the right moment?  Which side should the text be on?  Where should the image go?  In order to maximize impact of your solution we look deep into the heart of where everything is placed.

  • Animations

    This is where the magic happens and you could consider us magicians!  We have analyzed the speed and frequency of animations in advertisements and their impact on consumer behavior for years.   Based upon your type of business we know what is too much animation and what is not enough.

  • Transitions

    How to transition from one piece of content to another is decided based upon the venue the content is located.  Businesses like spas and salons need soft fading transitions.  Venues like sports bars and entertainment complexes demand more edgy effects to compete with the surrounding distractions.

  • Content Mixture

    Getting peoples attention and keeping people’s attention are two different challenges.  Getting their attention is typically driven by the attractive design of the information they are watching.  Keeping their attention is heavily dependent on a good mixture of content that appeals to the demographic.  Don’t worry, we have you covered.

  • Time of Day vs Demographics

    Knowing that the demographics of your business changes throughout the day helps you keep the content relevant.  You can specifically target messages to appeal to the items, sales, promotions, and other things that are most important to that demographic.

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