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When looking for Digital Signage, Menu, Communication and Kiosk solutions you find lots of software companies, hardware vendors, screen manufacturers, or metal factories that make the cases to house them all. What you didn’t find until now was a full solutions provider. We don’t try to sell you a PC loaded with some “easy to use” software that is not so easy to use or is very limited in its functionality. We don’t push our hardware or screens on you wishing you good luck on the development, programming and design of your content and media. We are the top full solutions provider and the best in the business. We handle the Digital Signage, Menus, Communications and Kiosks while you run your business. The truth is it rarely, if ever, works correctly or is effective when done any other way.

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Simple Step by Step

We have a simple process to get your system up and rolling to start boosting sales, reducing costs and working for you:

Step 1

One of our Authorized Agents sits down and consults with you about the most important products, services and promotions that you want to reach your audience. What items do you have great margins on? What items do your customers love so much they tell others about it and post pictures on sites like Facebook or Pinterest? Do you have product literature lying around that you are wanting to educate people on?

Step 2

Our creative studio gets to work taking your visions and making them a reality using your thoughts, your logo and their years of experience and talent. We match your brand image through font, color and other design elements that make up your identity. You can be involved as little or as much as you would like in this process.

Step 3

We preview your creation with you and begin making any revisions that you want. This is your chance to guide and steer us in the direction you are wanting to go.  It is just like having your own design team. Don’t worry…the revisions are unlimited.

Step 4

Once your media is approved, we schedule your installation. One of our friendly Certified Installers will then arrive to install your Eyeconic System in the location that you selected.

Step 5

Once your EYECONIC system is installed, it will automatically turn on and begin playing once it is plugged in. Each day it will automatically turn on and off with your working hours and it will restart in the unfortunate event that you lose power.

  • Hardware

    LCD Displays, Signage Controllers, Mounting Equipment & More…

  • Software

    All of the software required is packaged with the device.

  • Creative Design

    We design everything for you. Design is the single most expensive portion of a digital signage operation.

  • Install

    We install it all, mount the TVs, and setup our network in your environment.

  • Updates


What now…your Eyeconic System is running…revenues are up…but you are wanting to change the content, sales, products, services and promotions.

Enter the EYECONIC PLAN: A flexible, low cost month premium that allows you and your business to request design and revision changes to your existing digital signage. As a client of EYECONIC, you have the only all included, no strings attached, dynamic digital solution keeping your business running flawlessly.

What Can We Change For You?

  • New Products
  • New Services
  • New Promotions and Sales
  • New Fresh Look to Keep Those Viewers Viewing
  • Anything


Did we mention that revision requests are covered under our monthly EYECONIC PLAN? We have flexible monthly plans that are custom tailored to meet your unique needs for hardware replacement, revision requests, network management. and more!

For a FREE quote, to find a dealer near you, or if you have any questions about our products or services, contact us for more information!